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> Congrats on your app going into the app store so smoothly.  I just wanted
> to comment on the Android option you mentioned, which I can hardly wait to
> see/use.  Based on what I have been reading about the new extensions to the
> LiveCode/Rev language for mobile apps, it seems there is an awful lot of
> iOS terminology being added to the syntax.  I am inclined to think that in
> order to support multiple mobile platforms, the terms should be more
> generic in their prefixes instead of iOSthis and iOSthat.  It makes me
> wonder if Android is just an afterthought, and will end up having its own
> set of specific set of commands too.  I know that there are times that
> platform specific calls are needed, but why not have a more generic base
> set for all mobiles like 'mobileRotateScreen' or 'mobileShake' commands.
> Maybe they plan to handle it with the use of synonyms.  It would be nice to
> hear something from the mothership on their Android progress.

We will be rationalizing the syntax so that it makes sense on mobile devices
in a way that is as cross-device as possible.

Stay tuned for an update on our Android progress in the next couple of days.

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