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--- On Fri, 12/31/10, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> DunbarX wrote:
> > Why the messages is not passed along to the card, or
> why they are sent
> > continuously, is a mystery.
> For most of LC/Rev/MC's life, the resizeControl message was
> consistently sent only after the user stopped performing a
> resize action with the pointer tool.
> But in v3.5 RunRev introduced behaviors and some new
> enhancements to group objects to allow folks to make custom
> controls like the DataGrid.
> In addition to being sent continuously as the control is
> resized (to allow your custom control to adjust its
> contents), that message is also sent to the control whenever
> it's resized by any means, such as a script adjusting its
> rect, rather than strictly when the user is interacting with
> it using the pointer tool.
> Useful as these enhancements are, it seems they're
> described only in the engine change log and the Dictionary
> entry for the resizeControl message hasn't been updated.
> Anyone here got time to either add a user comment to that
> entry and/or file a documentation bug report at the RQCC?
> --
>  Richard Gaskin

At one point in time, I had an enhancement request for a 'liveResizing' property for groups (#2807) - but I recently closed it, as the new way it works since version 3.5, was exactly what I was after :-)
The docs should be updated at least, if such a 'liveResizing' property isn't desirable.

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