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Like a split second since it's almost always in standby mode. Once you hit the home button it's on. Then once you swipe the unlock it's instantly at the home screen. In standby mode it can stay powered up for a week or more with out even being plugged in.

If you have to turn it off completely which I never do then it can take a minute if it is plugged into the Mac (syncing and opening of iPhoto and iTunes). If it is not plugged into the Mac it is much quicker for a boot up.

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On Feb 21, 2011, at 5:58 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 2/21/11 4:23 PM, Roger.E.Eller at wrote:
>> If you watch the unboxing videos on YouTube, the ones made by independent
>> reviewers (real people, not advertisements), you can tell what performs
>> well and what doesn't.  The 1Ghz processors are pretty good.  Even the
>> 800Mhz is still good, but the 1.2Ggz  8" Herotab MID816 seems to be one of
>> the fastest at startup from a cold boot (about 15 seconds -vs- 45 to 60
>> seconds on most).
> Just for comparison, how long does it take an iPad to start up?
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