Standalone problems

edward cawley etcawley at
Sat Feb 19 15:22:49 EST 2011

I'm finally getting around to forming standalones and I have some problems in regard to both Mac and windows but to the Mac problems first.
I am working wit a Macbook pro using OS 10.6.6. I have livecode 4.5.2,Enterprise.

1.I have a card which has a button to go to the next card. That card has a short videoclip which is shown in the center of a window over a background image. When the clip stops it goes to the next card. It works fine until I make the standalone, then the first time that card opens the movie is in the upper left of the window, only the lower right of the movie is visible. When it ends it goes to the next card. If I then use the keyboard arrow to return to the movie card the clip is centered and from then on it remains centered, whether I use the button or the keyboard to return to the movie card.?

2. I have a number of files containing short texts which are shown on 8 different cards. I response to button click the texts from different files are shown in the same "info" text field. There are also a number of images which are changes in response to button clicks. It works fine until I make the standalone. 

I have all the information files and the image files in a resource folder. When I set up the Standalone setup copy files I indicate the Resource file, but when I look at the Resource file in the content folder of the standalone bundle only a limited number of the files in the folder are included. Is there a limit on how many files will be included in the standalone. If so is there an alternate approach to solve the problem?

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