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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Feb 17 09:59:39 EST 2011

Bill Vlahos wrote:

> Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Later this month I'll be at SCaLE 9x, the SoCal Linux Expo:
>> <>
>> There will be plenty of people there from Canonical, Fedora, and other
>> major projects, and lots of great developers of all stripes, so I'd love
>> to load my Dell up with as many cool examples of LiveCode-based apps as
>> possible.
>> If you have an app that you deploy to Linux, please email me the URL to
>> where I can download it along with a brief description to
>> ambassador at
>> Thanks in advance.  It'll be good fun to show off what LiveCode can do.
> Richard,
> InfoWallet of course.

Ah, of course.  Thanks.  I'll definitely load that on my Dell, and after 
your excellent presentation at our local Rev user group I know it well 
enough to demo it.

> Are you there in an official capacity or as an attendee?

One of the special events at SCaLE is UbuCon, a day-long series of 
presentations focused on Ubuntu the day before SCaLE proper starts.

I just got confirmation this morning that I'll be giving a talk on 
helping Mac users get oriented to Ubuntu.  For those attending, my 
session is at 1:30 PM on Friday, Feb. 25.

With any luck I may be able to meet Jane Silber, Canonical's CEO, along 
with other luminaries from Canonical, Fedora, and the other biggies in 
the Linux world. If nothing else the sessions they're providing will do 
wonders for my Linux education, helping me prep for my talk at RevLive 
2011 in April on deploying to Linux.

UbuCon is a very exciting opportunity.  As much as I love the Rev cons, 
I haven't been this jazzed about a conference since my first MacWorld. :)

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