[OT] Apple at it again

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Wed Feb 16 09:40:52 EST 2011


I am a heavy user of the kindle app for both the iPhone and iPad. I
don't have a kindle but I read a lot of scifi in english, I can't buy
the books here and my place is small to host them, so I buy digital
and save some forests. Imports are heavily taxed here in Brazil, if I
buy a kindle and ship it to my place, I will pay 60% on the compound
value of the item price, the shipment fee and the insurance, so if the
kindle costs 190 USD and shipping costs 50 USD, I end up paying 382
USD which is about 650 BRL (my money).

When I bought the iPad, it arrived at the same day as the day apple
announced that old developer fiasco. I was left with a device that I
had no use but then, I found a very good use for it. I use it for
reading books... it does not compare with a digital ink display but it
is all that I've got. I marvel at how easy it is to use and how it
synchronizes my current reading page between my iPad and my iPhone on
the fly. My iPad never leaves home but my old iPhone is always with
me, so when commuting to work, I read my books on the ferry boat as it
flows across Guanabara Bay, the books is all that makes my ride fun.
Since Barcas S/A started using the new badly designed catamaran boats,
the ride went from a half hour one to twelve minutes but the new boats
feel like an airplane, what is the point of being at one of the most
famous bays in the world if you can't see the DAMN WINDOWS! the
windows are high and small so the boat feels very hot (specially with
1200 sweating persons in it). The old ferry boats from world war 2 and
earlier were slow but hell, they were floating and working for more
than sixty years! they had vistas, winds, it was very scenic. Now, on
that hot floating oven they call a ferry boat (with pompous names such
as Avatares II) it is a very umpleasant trip (with 1200 angry guys
next to you, standing). So my kindle app makes the trip fun... I've
read six or seven books already between my iPad and my iPhone. The
only reason I am staying with my iPhone and iPad is to read my books,
now, his steveness will wreck that.

My dream phone is not an android one, I am a fan of WebOS since its
start and always wanted a phone running that. I think I will try to
import a HP/Palm Pre2 or Pre3 if Amazon ever ships a kindle app for
them. I have 5 apple laptops, 4 iPods, 1 iMac luxojr, 1 iPad, 1
iPhone, 1 timecapsule, I am a member of the iOS and Mac developer

I am betting my chips on android, webos and linux in general. Even
microsoft is doing saner things with WP7....

Apple is a greedy company, not on the Oracle/SAP level of greediness
but still evil.

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