Drawing a line in a stand alone

revolution at duncansoftware.on-rev.com revolution at duncansoftware.on-rev.com
Thu Feb 3 20:10:11 EST 2011

I want the end user to draw a curved line on top of an image. The line needs to be a separate object. They initiate the process by clicking on a button to change to drawing mode, then mouse down starts drawing and mouse up to stop. I have the code that does what I want but the line is surrounded by 8 adjustment handles even in a stand alone. How can I get rid of those adjustment handles during and after drawing?

on mouseup
   set the opaque of the templategraphic to false
   set the forecolor of the templategraphic to 255,0,0
   set the linesize of the templategraphic to 2
   set the filled of the templategraphic to true
   choose graphic curve
end mouseup

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