Cascading Option Menus

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Feb 2 14:41:43 EST 2011

Peter Haworth wrote:

 >  I can separate the row specific items from the others with a line
 > but how does that gel with HIG?

IIRC all the HIGs (OS X, Win, Gnome) recommend using separators where 
appropriate in pulldown and popup menus, and the LC engine supports them 
well on all three platforms.

For option menus it's a different story.

The OS X HIG recommends using separators where appropriate, but the Win 
HIG seems agnostic on separators outside of the menu bar; it doesn't 
discuss them at all, neither recommending nor forbidding them.

But it seems the Win API doesn't support them, at least not that I can 
find nor apparently the Rev team, since separators in option controls on 
Windows and Lunix render as selectable items with the dash showing 
rather than a line.

Personally, since the Win HIG doesn't expressly forbid them (and even if 
it did IMNSHO it would be wrong because they're darn useful in guiding 
the eye) I've submitted a request for the team to find a way to allow 
separators in option controls for Win and Linux as we have in OS X:


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