How to : print a A4 stack to an A4 pdf ??

Robert Mann rman at
Tue Feb 1 14:18:06 EST 2011

Question users! Has anybody achieved printing a standard A4 "portrait" stack
(595 x 842 pixels) with the "open printing to pdf" command??? If yes..
please share! I can't make it work over here.

I use the following script

on mouseUp
   reset printing
   -- set the printPaperSize to 595,842
   set the printMargins to 0,0,0,0
   -- set the printGutters to 0,0
   open printing to pdf "pdfprintfile.pdf"
   print this card
   -- print this card from 0,0 to 595,842
   close printing
end mouseUp

It works.. but : something like 2 cm at the bottom are just blank, so the
whole design layout is messed up.

TO check I printed to pdf from the print menu, and the rendering is just

The commented lines have been tried with no impact on the result.

The following discussion talks about that problem, but seems to imply it
only happens only for landscape printing.
open printing to pdf bug 

Any clue?? thanks!
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