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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Dec 31 13:17:31 CST 2011

Hugh Senior wrote:
> Can someone please remind me of the syntax to include a 'private' tag in the
> htmlText (one that can contain string data and is not removed by LC)?

So far the only solution I've found for embedding metadata in text is to 
use a name attribute within an anchor tab, e.g.:

<a name="some arbitrary data">There's the text</a>

When an anchor tag has no href attribute it's not rendered as a link, 
which makes it okay for this sort of metadata.

However, if you later add an href attribute it will remove the name 
attrbute; apparently name and href are mutually exclusive in the current 

To provide more flexibility for this sort of thing I've submitted a 
request to support the span tag:

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