Case Study: Behaviors Failing - Can't set break points

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Dec 27 15:59:06 CST 2011

Todd Geist wrote:

> However I can reliably cause them stop working, by loading the object that
> use Behaviors before the Behaviors themselves.

Unless something changed/broke, any behavior assignment which refers to 
a behavior button not already in memory at the time the object which 
refers to its is first opened will not have the behavior resolved, and 
that behavior script will not be present in the message path.

Accordingly, setting any breakpoints in the behavior script will not 
trigger, as the script isn't in play.

If you find the script is in play under such circumstances, I'd like to 
learn how you did it.

I've been wanting a way to resolve behaviors at arbitrary execution 
points rather than relying on stack opening, and have made this request 
for a new "resolve behaviors" command to do that:

If you have a means of doing this with the engine as it is I definitely 
want to learn the secret.

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