Strange Datagrid Behavior

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Tue Dec 27 12:46:36 EST 2011

Delete the first datagrid and when it throws an error that is where whatever code is referencing the first datagrid literally. 

It sounds at first blush like you set the behavior to something other than the datagrid library, and then did some custom work with that behavior, referring to the first datagrid literally somewhere in the behavior script. 

Alternately, you can try edit the script of the behavior of mySecondDataGrid and then search for the name of the first datagrid. 


On Dec 26, 2011, at 5:28 PM, Pete wrote:

> I have two datagrids on a card.  When the user clicks on an option menu on
> the card, the datagrids are populated with information in two different
> formats, at least that's what's supposed to happen.
> I do this by setting the dgText of each datagrid to the value of a
> variable.  When I set the dgText of the first datagrid (stepping through in
> debug), I see the correct data show up.  When I set the dgText of the
> second datagrid, it appears in the first datagrid and the second datagrid
> remains empty!!!!!!  The datagrids have different names.
> I have checked the row template property to make sure it has not somehow
> been set to the wrong datagrid but they are both correct.  I have checked
> the value of the dgContorl property of each datagrid and it is correct also.
> I will say that these datagrids have have a somewhat checkered past.  They
> originally existed on a different card than they reside on now, and all
> worked fine back in those good old days.  For application design reasons, I
> copied them (and a few other controls) from the original card to a
> different card and put them all into a group.  That's when the problems
> started.
> Any ideas on how I might track down this strange behavior?
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> Pete
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