[OT] iPhone is for games, Android is for apps.

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On 12/23/11 1:11 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Bob Sneidar<bobs at ...>  writes:
>> Hi Mark. This is a rebuttal of the article, and not of your opinion, which I
> value as a general rule.
> I posted no opinion here. I'm not even sure I have one on this. Just posting for
> a general discussion. Hey - I read it on the internet - it must be true.

Thanks for the links, I thought they were interesting. I read both. It 
seems to me that the target markets are a little different; Apple and 
Google both provide all the basic utilities like email, web, etc. The 
folks who get an i-thing are probably happy with that and spend their 
money on entertainment. I see the Android market as a little more techy; 
the OS, after all, has a more computer-ish interface and allows much 
more control -- you can do things on an Android device that you can't do 
on an i-thing (for example, you can see and work with the file system.) 
It would make sense that Android users would have more interest in apps 
and utilities that allow them to explore those capabilities.

The articles presented data to back up the claims, though it's important 
to note that Android users do in fact download games, they just download 
apps more often. As a developer, I thought it was good info to have when 
making decisions about what to expect when releasing to either market.

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