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Even when I set it up as you suggested, the lib stack is not available
during the apps openCard script. The revopenstack message to the plug-in is
behind the stack and card open/preopen messages of the app. Interestingly
enough if I put an answer dialog in the openstack handler of the app the lib
is available after I hit OK. Take out the answer dialog and the lib is not
available until all the opens and propens are complete. Is this just the way
the messages path crumbles? Or am I missing something? I will just put a
"start using" in the apps preopen. That will fix it.

On the mobile front I trying to avoid putting MY_library.livecode as a copy
file because that exposes my code (and encryption method) to prying eyes.
The app stack seems to be buried and compressed somewhere in the apk and not
easy to expose. Any Ideas on this????


Ralph DiMola
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On 12/22/11 1:09 PM, Ralph DiMola wrote:
> I know this have been visited and read the forums, but still can't get
> library stack to work on mobile. I am testing on Android but will also be
> deploying to iOS.
> I put the library stack into the plug-in folder with a
> on preOpenStack
>     start using this stack
> end preOpenStack
> This makes it only available if you open LC first THEN open your app
> If LC is closed and you click on a app stack the library is not available.
> This was easily fixed by putting 'start using stack "EIS_Library"' in the
> preOpenStack in the app stack.

Instead, go the Plugins Settings in the Development->Plugins menu. 
Select your library stack from the popdown. Set it to open when 
"Revolution starts up". In the list at the right, select the line 

Then in your library stack, change your preOpenStack handler to a 
"revPreOpenstack" handler.

LiveCode will now automatically open your stack at every launch, and 
send a "revPreOpenstack" message to it. The library will load whenever 
the IDE opens.

> I can't get the 'start using stack "EIS_Library"' to work on Android. I
> included the library stack in the standalone application setting in the
> stacks tab. This also makes it appear in the property inspector "stack
> files" when inspecting the main app stack.
> I hit the test button to the test on the device and the "start using stack
> "EIS_Library" throws an error.

I'd think that should work, but mobile may not be interpreting the file 
locations the same way as the desktop apps do. On mobile, many of the 
file folders are virtual.

Instead of including it in the stacks pane, try including it in the Copy 
Files pane. The stack will be copied to the same folder as the engine in 
your mobile standalone. You can refer to it in your scripts with an 
engine-relative file path, and start using that:

   put specialFolderPath("engine") & "/EIS_Library.livecode" into tPath
   start using stack tPath

Untested, but should work.

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