File time off by an hour...

Bernard Devlin bdrunrev at
Thu Dec 22 03:12:50 CST 2011


It seems this issue has come up with Windows and other programming
languages (included those supplied by Microsoft!)

In one of the above examples, the user is on CST (maybe that is a factor).

There have been discussions on the list before about converting
date-times between seconds and e.g. internet time.  Instead of using
the short date & time, why don't you run through your file list, and
convert the file time into a list of values, e.g. short date and time,
internet date, etc.  You may find with one of them the difference

Also, you could try setting the useSystemDate to true v. false, and
see what you get.

This is a tricky area (really we should all just be on GMT!), as
evinced by the two discussions above from Stack Overflow.


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