is among the words AND find words

Jim Hurley jhurley0305 at
Thu Dec 22 02:36:47 EST 2011

Strike most of my last message. It appears that most of the function can be replaced with an examination of the entire text (dah)  as in:

    put tWord is among the tokens of tList into tTest
    return tTest

This tests the whole text; it is not necessary to test each string containing  the word individually.

But remove the quotes and periods first.


> Thanks to all for their help with this. I learned a new key word in "token".
> So far the function below handles everything reasonable I have thrown at it, including finding "time" in the less than reasonable  text in field 1: 
>   "Now is timely the timeless time.-for, all good."
> on mouseUp
>   put field 1 into tText
>   put theWordIsAmongTheWords("time", tText) into msg box --returns true
> end mouseUp
> function theWordIsAmongTheWords tWord, tList
>   --The quote and period are irrelevant to the test for the word, so delete them.
>   replace quote with "" in tList
>   replace "." with "" in tList
>   put empty into tNums
>   --Collect all the strings that wordOffset would find.
>   repeat
>      put wordOffset(tWord,tList, last item of tNums) into tNum
>      if tNum = 0 then exit repeat
>      put the last item of tNums + tNum & comma after tNums
>   end repeat
>   --Test each of these strings aginst the word being tested.
>   --With the quotes and periods gone, the tokens of sting found work well.
>   repeat for each item tWordNum in tNums
>      put word tWordNum of tList into tTestWord
>      if tWord is among the tokens of tTestWord then return true
>   end repeat
>   --If all the tests fail, then return false
>   return false
> end theWordIsAmongTheWords

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