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Wed Dec 21 17:04:05 EST 2011

On 12/21/11 11:22 PM, "Pete" <pete at> wrote:

> The problem I had was that it just didn't work using a blob.  The encoded
> array got stored OK but LC didn't recognise what came back as an array,
> don't remember all the details.

This can be interested feature actually.

A) I not remember right now if V4REV support ARRAY to BLOB ...
   but probably yes, should work, because we have
        FixedBinary field
        VarBinary field
        BLOB field

    and should be something to put binary value from REV into field.

    But since array is special structure,  may be we can/need provide
    special API func for this. E.g.  WriteArrayToBLOB( fld, array )

    anyway with Valentina no need to have overhead of base64 encoding...

> The default max size of a text field in SQLite is 1 million characters so I
> think he'd be pretty safe.

B)  BLOB/TEXT in Valentina DB  limited by huge numbers ...

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