Scripter's Scrapbook (was arrowkey)

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Wed Dec 21 03:19:53 EST 2011

A reminder that the Scripter's Scrapbook is designed to do exactly this...


And if you want a 'Socks' category, you can have that too!

Hugh Senior

On Dec 20, 2011, at 7:04 AM, Mike Bonner wrote:

> I saw the other input for this problem, I'm thinking that checking
> "keysdown()" for the arrow keycodes would be a more reliable solution
> depending on your needs.
> I swear I keep learning new things on this list and in the forums. Luckily
> I have a horrible memory so I get the bonus of relearning the same thing
> over and over!

Yeah, me too -- as one of my patients once said to me, "I have a mind like a
steel sieve." I save lots of tips from this list in a stack I've made, and
thank God for LC's find command.... Wish it worked for socks. (Anyone seen a
sort of a brownish-greenish one, medium, almost new?)

-- Peter

Peter M. Brigham

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