FTP on iOS

Dan Friedman dan at clearvisiontech.com
Tue Dec 20 12:55:24 EST 2011


I have a button on a iPad project with this script:

on mouseUp
  put "ftp://myUserName:myPassword@" into saveURL  --the names were changed to protect the innocent
  put "This is a test." into dataToSave
  put dataToSave into url saveURL
  put the result into tResult
  if tResult <> "" then
    answer tResult	
    answer "OK"
  end if 
end mouseUp

When I tap this button in the Simulator, tResult is "The operation couldn't be completed.  (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 200.)"

This works without error in the IDE.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

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