Are the 'ask file' and 'answer file' stacks modal or not?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sat Dec 17 16:22:16 EST 2011

On 12/17/11 3:00 PM, Graham Samuel wrote:
> I notice that the windows (stacks) that open when 'ask file' and
> 'answer file' commands are executed have close boxes under Windows
> (not on Mac), but on the other hand the calling program's script is
> stopped until there is an action (pressing a button) in the
> file-handling window. Does this make them modal or not? I ask because
> I have only very recently learned (from Ken Ray) that modal stacks
> always open at the loc of the stack that invoked them; but it's easy
> to show that this does not happen, at least not on Windows XP Home
> (where the loc of the window appears to be variable and may be
> somehow related to the last time the command was called) or on Mac
> (where the window always appears at the loc of the monitor the
> calling stack was using). I admit that my latest tests were done from
> within the IDE (on Windows and on Mac) but it seems at least with
> Windows that much the same happens with a standalone.
> I will now re-code Ken's method for positioning these stacks, but can
> anyone even guess at what is happening here, or maybe other people's
> mileage varies? I'm using LC 5.0.2 in all cases.

Yes, they're modal. I wonder if the MC IDE may have programmed in the 
placement of those dialogs, and Ken is using using that. In LiveCode and 
all my standalones I get the same placement you do.

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