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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Dec 17 09:48:14 CST 2011

Klaus wrote:

> But as far as I remember this will only affect the "dissolve" effect,
> which does in fact, as Scott already stated, look extremely poor,
> ugly and amateurish without QuickTime. :-)

Indeed it does:

The mask-based dissolve method used in the engine was fine back in '92 
when it was first written, but is no longer needed since v2.7 when the 
rendering engine was overhauled to support better compositing, which 
brought us (among other things like being able to export images of 
objects on unopened cards) the ability to apply a blendLevel to most 

Why the engine doesn't use graduated blendLevels for dissolve is beyond 
me, but when I was making my presentation tool a while back I found the 
built-in dissolve so unsuitable on Linux that I wrote a handler to do 
that, stepping through a loop in which the blendlevel is brought from 
100 to 0 to dissolve objects into view.

That works very well on all platforms, and until the engine's dissolve 
effect is updated it's probably the best option we have for the vast 
majority of computers that aren't running OS X.

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