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The delay is likely due to the loading of QuickTime.  I believe there's an entry in docs about checking the qtVersion or similar in preOpenCard or stack to minimize the delay that can occur.  An alternate option is to set the dontUseQT to true to disable QuickTime, but only if you dont need QT for amything else.


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Hi All,

I have a standalone (running under Windows 7) that has a problem... From the LiveCode IDE, everything works as expected. However, when I create a standalone .exe file and run it, there is a delay on the first screen when clicking on the Next button. The card transition is set to a "wipe left" visual effect. The problem is, when I load the program and click on the Next button for the first time, there is a long delay (almost 4 seconds), then the next card loads by wiping left. When I click on the Back button the speed is normal, and when I click on the Next button again, the speed is normal... The problem only occurs when I click on the Next button for the first time. (This looks very awkward and unprofessional.) I removed the visual effect and tried it, and the speed is normal. (So the problem obviously has something to do with using a visual effect.)

Any idea as to why this is the case? Again, it works as expected when running the stack in the LiveCode IDE...


- Boo
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