Message path question working with iPhone Control Kit

Michael Doub mike at
Fri Dec 16 18:00:51 EST 2011

I am hoping that someone on the list is familiar with the Andreas Rozek's iPhone Control Kit. (  I am trying to figure out why the scroller object is not responding to the mouseUp messages.   Poking around I found that I can catch the MouseUp message in the BehaviourButton script of the of the appropriate control on the (Behaviors) card of the iPhone Control Kit stack for all controls except the scroller.   Although the problem I am chasing is with the scroller,  how are the MouseUp messages being routed to the buttons on the (Behaviors) card?   There are no MouseUp handlers in most the controls on the MainCard of the iPhone Control Kit card, or in the MainCard script.  The scroller is an exception and it looks like it doing normal work.   There are not even any MouseUp handlers in the stack script of iPhone Control Kit itself.  

How are the MouseUp message routed to these controls?   I am clearly missing something. 


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