Pages per Sheet setting for open printing to pdf

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Fri Dec 16 13:01:39 CST 2011

On 12/16/11 2:55 AM, gmcrev wrote:
> Thanks for the reply Jacquelin.
> However I was using revPrintText to print HtmlText via open printing to
> pdf.
> I would like to pdf print the equivalent of 2 A4 pages on 1 A4 sheet.
> Any ideas how this would work?

I haven't done much with that command, but you could try setting the 
printScale to 0.5 before you print. That should scale the output by 
half. It may not give what you want though, since the width of the text 
block may also be half. Experiment.

It's possible to do what you want, but probably not using the rev 
library calls. For custom print output the usual way is to handle the 
entire process yourself. The rev library is convenient for quick 
printouts, but its script just uses commands that are available in the 
engine and which you can use yourself. (The script snippet I posted 
could be easily changed to "open printing to pdf", btw.)

I'll readily admit that printing in LiveCode is a pain, but you can do 
just about anything with it if you're willing to script everything. The 
usual method is to create a printing substack that is never shown, but 
serves as a template for printouts. The template contains fields and any 
other objects that need to print. A script opens the template invisibly, 
repeatedly fills the fields with text (or in this case, htmlText,) 
prints the template card, and repeats until printing is finished.

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