A Question about DeleteLine and DeleteLines

Keith (Gulf Breeze Ortho Lab) keith at gulfbreezeortholab.com
Thu Dec 15 19:00:52 EST 2011

Ohhhhh! I was using send in lieu of dispatch! Dispatch does the trick. 
Thanks so much for the input (still learning here!)... This list rocks!

Cheers from Florida,

- Boo

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On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 11:26 PM, Keith (Gulf Breeze Ortho Lab)
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> Hi All,

Hi Keith,

> A quick question for you. In the Data Grid Manual (i.e., 
> LiveCode_Data_Grid.pdf) it states regarding DeleteLines:
>  Deletes the specified lines from the data grid. pLines is a comma 
> delimited list of integers.
> When I try this in one of my projects, only one line is deleted from the 
> data grid... I have to repeat with each item to delete it...
> The aforementioned documentation makes it sound like it is supposed to 
> delete each item in the comma delimited list, or am I wrong?

The command should work as described in the documentation.

Add this code in a delete button:

    dispatch "DeleteLines" to grp "myDatagrid" with the dgHilitedLines
of grp "myDatagrid"
catch tTheError
    answer tTheError
end try

Where myDatagrid is the name of your datagrid group.

Select some lines in the datagrid and click on the delete button.

What is the result?

Best regards,
-Zryip TheSlug- wish you the best! 8)

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