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Thanks to all for the replies. From what I've discovered in the last couple of days, you can make the French (or English) sound more realistic by using a markup language. Without knowing the meaning of the text the program probably just gives a flat generic rendition.

Here's some info:

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Hi from Beautiful Brittany,

Tim wrote :

> But the voice can rise in pitch, stay flat, or drop in pitch for
> each syllable. To foreign ears, it is a very, very slight change

There you have it Tim - a tonic accent, slight, but vital to many

I imagine that each speech synthesizer, to do its job properly,
should have a map for all the major words of the language, so
that the tonic accent should be respected. Although I am convinced
that this mechanism is more important in English than in others, I
cannot bw sure, simply because I am not MULTIglot  :>)
Maybe other language speakers could chip in (I know you are there !)
on our forum.

Best Regards


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