There's always a first time or tips for young players

Cal Horner calhorner at
Wed Dec 14 18:21:44 EST 2011

I know that I'm not a young player and this tip has probably been floating
around for years but here's what happened to me and how I got around the

As a standard (self-imposed) I always set up a preopenstack handler in my
main stack. Now, I know for some of you that will be an AHA moment, but it
works for me.

So, I'm building this stack you see, and I;ve stuck in all the standard
handlers that I want, including my faithful preopenstack. Then I built a
substack that I wanted to hold data I've collected, while I or the
application edits it and distributes the data to its proper location. Seems
simple enough even to an old duffer like me.

The only problem I ran into was every time I go to the substack I end up in
the mainstack preopenstack handler. Blah.

How do I work around this misdirection? Simple in the scheme of things. I
built a dummy preopenstack in the substack and went no further.

Not too elegant I admit and I'll bow my head to anyone on the list that
comes up with a better answer. All I can say is it works.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


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