Independent Progress Bar

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Wed Dec 14 13:15:00 EST 2011

Hi all. I know this has been discussed in length in the past, but I cannot remember what the conclusion was. Does anyone have/know about an independent progress bar/wheel that can be used with Livecode, that will function independently even when Livecode is running a script? I know I could kludge it myself if I had control over the scripts I am running, but I do not. 

One script is Trevor's sqlYoga which is locked, and also I am opening an SQL database remotely, and it takes a few seconds sometimes to have that return control. What is needed is an addon dialog created in some version of C that we can call on to display a progress bar/spinner, but I am not sure if anyone has made such a thing. 

Seems like a really good addition to Livecode, but I don't think we are going to see something like that soon. 


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