LibURL short data retrieval

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Dec 12 22:22:22 EST 2011

I've been using a script for years that downloads files from a folder on 
my server. It calls a CGI which collects the data and sends it back. 
Recently it has started behaving oddly.

The relevant part of the script:

     put "" into tURL
     libURLSetStatusCallback "checkStatus", the long ID of me
     put url tUrl into tData

The data is put into a field and when I visually compare it to what is 
on the server, it looks correct. The data appears to all be there.

But a progress bar that measures the download now stops prematurely, 
indicating the retrieval isn't finishing. I added some logging in the 
callback message, and I get this:


There are no errors, and yet the last part of the data is not retrieved. 
Since the downloaded data appears to be correct, it almost looks like 
the total byte count is wrong, but I'm not sure why it would start doing 
that just within the few weeks. It was working fine for many years. The 
results are the same when I test in LiveCode 4.2.x and 5.0.x.

Anyone know what might cause that?

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HyperActive Software           |

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