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Alex Tweedly alex at
Fri Dec 9 06:00:41 EST 2011

On 09/12/2011 00:44, Mark Wieder wrote:
> Pete<pete at ...>  writes:
>> Hmmm, is that really true?
> Properly formed ones, yes. Check out a syndicated crossword in any major paper.
> There are "accepted" sizes as well - 15x15 is the most common for daily
> crosswords. Somewhat larger for Sunday crosswords (and note that it has to be
> odd numbers for diagonal symmetry).
Sorry Mark - your origins are showing :-)
It is really true - in the USA.
Often but *not* always true in the UK (where variant forms are more 
common, including 'skeleton' or 'barred', or where which are symmetric 
both ways but have the answer numbers missing, etc.)

I've been told (but can't guarantee) not true in France, don't know 
about the rest of the world.

-- Alex.

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