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In the past, when I was creating a php database and needed to test
it, but did not want to open the floodgates and allow any IP address in,
or if I was moving around from place to place 

and my IP would change
depending on where I was, tunnelling was an option with some software.

Essentially, you have a small php app that you ftp to your server and
then the software you use 'talks' to that small program. You then have a
way to upload data to the server and test out 

your database. It worked
like a charm. 

I have since wrote a few programs with Live Code that
'talk' to a mySQL server and have not had any real problems, but I did
have to put my IP address in the server's cpanel so as to accept it.

(that was in the beginning - I figured out a more elegant solution -
see below). I believe you could write a small app in Live Code that you
could then upload to your server (say with a 

username/password combo)
that would allow you to upload your work and changes like the one I used
for the php database. Of course, you could also just use .htaccess and
provide your 

username/password whenever you needed to upload your
recent changes. No one else could then get in. 

You can also use
.htaccess and then build the username/password into the Live Code app so
that the program itself can always gain entry, but no one else can login
without using the program. 

This is what I am doing right now with Live
Code right now for database work. 


On 08.12.2011 15:37, Sieg
Lindstrom wrote: 

> Thanks, Bob. I have to confess that I'm not well
educated in networking. I'm
> a regular guy who uses livecode to
facilitate tasks I perform at work.
> Here's a wikipedia article
(yeah, know its limitations as a reference
> source) that includes an
explanation of SSH tunneling.
> [1]We're beefing up
security on our server and I'm told my app will now need to
> talk to
the relevant MySQL database on the server thru this protocol,
> assuming
livecode is up to the task. Are SSH tunneling and VPN synonymous?
> I'm
not sure. The article above says this: "Tunneling protocols may use
> encryption to transport insecure payload protocols over a public
> (such as the Internet), thereby providing VPN
> Thanks for the tip on the useSSL argument. If
anyone has had direct
> experience with livecode client apps and SSH
tunneling, I'd appreciate any
> insight.
> Sieg
> On 12/8/11 8:40
AM, Bob Sneidar wrote:
>> Help says: Syntax:
revOpenDatabase("mysql",host[:port], databaseName,
[userName],[password],[useSSL], [socket], [timeout], [autoReconnect])
Notice the new useSSL argument? All you have to do now is determine if
the host accepts SSL connections, and if so, on what port. I am not sure
what you mean by an ssh tunnel. Are you talking about a VPN? Bob
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