Creating an Undo palette

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Dec 8 16:18:00 EST 2011

Scott Rossi wrote:
> But isn't this is only an issue if the stack is saved?  Don't IDs start
> numbering themselves from the last saved state of the stack?  Assuming your
> data isn't saved in the stack with the data grid, it doesn't seem like ID
> numbers would be an issue (unless I'm missing something).

Correct:  if you don't save, the next session begins with whatever the 
last saved ID was.

I have an app I've been working on here off and on for a couple years 
which uses two dataGrids, and the ID count is up to about half a 
million.   As we get more change orders we'll keep working with it, 
increasing the ID count by the thousands every time we do.

I can imagine some projects where it may be possible to exceed the 
limit.  No many, but some.

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