Using the GetDataOfLine function out of the message path?

Keith (Gulf Breeze Ortho Lab) keith at
Thu Dec 8 00:27:27 EST 2011

Hi All,

The LiveCode_Data_Grid.pdf manual states:
  “You need to keep in mind that GetDataOfLine (and GetDataOfIndex) is a function defined for a Data Grid. That means that the Data Grid group MUST be in the message path. If the Data Grid group is not in the message path you would need to use the call command.”
Would anyone out there be able to provide an example of this? I need to be able to get the data from a line in a Data Grid form when clicking on a button that is not part of the Data Grid...

I know how to get the data when the Data Grid group is in the path as follows:

  on mouseUp
     put the dgHilitedLines of me into theLine
     put GetDataOfLine(theLine,"FilePath") into thePic
     launch document thePic   
  end mouseUp


- Boo

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