Mobile devices and barcodes

paolo mazza mazzapaoloitaly at
Wed Dec 7 01:49:07 CST 2011

Hi Nicolas,
I went through the Sara's Stacks:

A very simple stack that reads data from a keyboard wedge barcode scanner.
It allows you to check the raw data transmitted by the scanner as well as
the ASCII data.
Category: UtilityLast Updated: Wed, Apr 29, 2009

A utility that converts text into the ASCII codes to generate Code128 subset
A barcodes. You will need a Code128 font to display and print the codes when
generated. There are plenty available but I use Riversedge fonts.

Actually what I am looking for is a piece of software to scan the
image (from the camera) of a
barcode  and import the barcode data into an iOS application.

All the best, Paolo

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