autoTab affects automatic text selection?

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Tue Dec 6 17:08:14 CST 2011

Aye but we were talking about the fact that text will either be entirely selected or else the cursor will be placed at the beginning of the text, depending on the setting of autoTab. Apparently it controls more than just tabbing to the next field if a user hits return. It's actually way cooler than trying to kludge a way for text to be selected yourself, if that is what you want. 


On Dec 6, 2011, at 2:49 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Autotab has always used the layering number to determine the next field, so you can use that with confidence. It's not a bug, it is designed behavior. It should be mentioned in the User Guide (too lazy to look.)

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