Last chance to tell (a small part of) the world about your Android and iOS apps

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Tue Dec 6 13:20:55 EST 2011

On 06/12/2011 15:26, Mark Schonewille wrote:
> What exactly will you do with the data, besides publishing the results on this list?

*Short answer*
That's exactly it - publish it.

*Longer answer*
And I guess ponder it a bit.  And look at some of the apps.  But I hope other 
people will do those things too.  When asking the question "what can you 
achieve with the current state of LiveCode for mobile?" these published apps 
represent real data points - they may not show everything that can be 
achieved, they may not show how much pain and sweat was required; but they 
represent some indisputable evidence to put alongside the documentation.

*Even longer answer*
To be very explicit: my company have put something over a dozen apps into the 
iOS store (mostly for clients, not under our own name).  None of those were 
built with LiveCode, they're all in Objective-C (with our own framework that 
we've invested heavily in).  Some are trivial, but some are really substantial 
commercial projects, for clients with a massive reputation to defend. We've 
used LiveCode for prototyping elements of some of these; and for a 
commissioned proof of concept for a client, that was never intended for 
publishing; but never for anything that went beyond that. We're getting (some, 
not many) requests for projects to be delivered on both iOS and Android; it's 
going to be expensive to port our framework to Android.

We're interested in whether to use LiveCode for a complete app project; but 
nervous about whether (a) the fit and finish will be adequate, compared with a 
project in native code where we can always access the native controls; (b) 
about hitting a roadblock or serious bug, which we can't get past because we 
can't go to native code.

To date these fears (along with other issues) have stopped us deciding to 
commit to LiveCode for any projects, even when with a following wind doing so 
should allow us to build the app a lot cheaper; and in some cases have led to 
us turning down a project that would be possible within the constraints only 
by using LiveCode; because once we commit to the client that we'll produce an 
app, in a given timeframe, we want to be in control of our own destiny in 
terms of being able to meet that commitment.  To defend our own reputation, 
we'd rather turn down the work than take it on and find that we can't deliver.

In this respect, being able to look at apps that others have successfully 
completed may help alleviate some of those fears.  So I want to see some apps 
that other people have created using LiveCode; I can't find a list anywhere; 
so I decided to try compiling one.


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