setProp and Lock messages

Pete pete at
Sun Dec 4 12:46:30 EST 2011

I think the reference to the documentation not being believable alluded to
the LC documentation not the datagrid documentation.  The LC Reference
Manual and the dictionary are old and definitely contain inaccuracies.  On
the topic of setprop and recursion, for example, the reference manual
clearly states that you don't need to user lock messages to prevent
recursion but, as several people have mentioned in this thread, you do.

Although the datagrid docs are not without fault.  There are several
properties and commands that have been introduced since the initial version
which are not mentioned anywhere in the docs.

Personally, I think this is another problem that affects new LC users.
 It's a steep learning curve as it is and inaccurate docs make it steeper.
 I'm probably old fashioned, but I still believe in the RTFM adage!


On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 3:53 PM, zryip theSlug <zryip.theslug at>wrote:

> In my opinion, always be confident in the datagrid documentation and
> do not believe Mark when he says, you should not believe in the
> datagrid recommendations...
> Or point him out the documentation. 8-)

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