Custom Property Data Limit?

Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Fri Dec 2 14:51:11 CST 2011

I just did a test and 200,000 records in my data set (stored as a tab 
delimited custom property) results in a stack of about 46mb. That's well 
under the 4 gig limit that you mention. But it takes a long time to load 
in a datagrid! I have questions about that so I'll start another thread.

> On 12/1/11 11:55 AM, Marty Knapp wrote:
>> I'm storing a tab-delimited text list in a custom property, with each
>> item maybe up to 25 characters or so in length and around 12 items per
>> line. Over time, this could grow to several hundred thousand lines. The
>> data is displayed in a datagrid. It's working just fine for me at this
>> point, but is there a limit to how much data you can put into a custom
>> property? Is there a point at which there will be a performance hit when
>> displaying in a datagrid? I'm just wondering if I need to start learning
>> about sql for my data storage for the long haul.
> As far as I know there is no limit to the amount of data you can store 
> in a custom property as long as it doesn't go above the total stack 
> size that's allowed, which is about 4 gigs. I'm not sure how that 
> would affect a datagrid though.

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