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Judy wrote:

 > Whatever happened to a mid-so-Cal meeting area in OC?

I became infected - with the spirit of Ubuntu. :)

It became increasingly difficult to find a venue which would work for 
everyone, and the meetings pretty much came to a standstill for many 
months.  But as I mentioned in my post last month, when Bill Vlahos and 
I were having dinner a few weeks ago we really missed having our group 
meetings and wanted to come up with a way to make it happen now, if even 
in a smaller way.

In the Ubuntu community there are many types of events, but the most 
common ones are what they call "Ubuntu Hour", where folks who enjoy that 
system simply pick a place and a regular time to meet and have smallish 
get-togethers, informal affairs with no agenda, no formal presentations, 
just sharing and problem-solving and good conversation, often at a local 
coffee shop, restaurant, or other public space.

There are also larger events, like the annual Ubuntu Developer Summit 
(roughly equivalent in our community to the RevLive conferences RunRev 
hosts, and Chipp and Dan's RevCon before that), and regional meetings 
like UbuCon held in conjunction with the SoCal Linux Expo.

But these smaller, community-focused Ubuntu Hour meetings are so easy to 
set up that they make a great way to enjoy the camaraderie of other fans 
on a more regular basis than a larger even can do.

My post last month which originally announced the December meeting 
outlined some of these thoughts:


While LiveCode doesn't have the 19 million users Ubuntu has, there are 
still many ways ideas from that community can benefit ours.

So rather than the Pasadena LiveCode group displacing an OC group, it 
can simply serve as a model to encourage folks in OC to set up a 
separate group that's easy for everyone there to attend.   San Diego as 
well, for Richard Herz and the others down there.

In fact, it seems we have enough users in Rio to encourage Andre to 
consider starting one there, and perhaps Nicolas Cueto could start one 
in Tokyo. Klaus, got enough LiveCode users in your area to set up one in 
Hennef, or perhaps Bonn?

LiveCode's audience has grown enough in recent years that I'll be most 
major cities - and a few smaller ones - have enough users to make a 
LiveCode Hour work well.

Heather set up a place in the LiveCode forums to plan such meetings:

I like the idea of also holding a larger regional meeting, in which we'd 
have a venue capable of serving the needs of all of the SoCal fans from 
Santa Barbara to San Diego, and perhaps we can set one up in 2012.

But in the meantime, for OC please consider setting up a local meetup 
which would be easy for those living in OC to attend.

If I can help with that in any way I'd be happy to do so.  And schedule 
permitting, if it happens near an MetroLink line I might even attend 
from time to time.

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