Copying and pasting a data grid form?

Keith (Gulf Breeze Ortho Lab) keith at
Thu Dec 1 23:21:19 CST 2011

Hi All,

Okay, I am at a loss. I have a stack with several cards... On one card I have a custom data grid form with graphics and several text fields... What I want to do is copy the data grid and then paste it onto another card--which works fine. The problem is, I am unclear about how to create a new template for the pasted data grid... When I make minor changes to the template, the changes are also applied to the original data grid on the previous card...

How can I create a new template for the pasted data grid so that I can make changes to it without affecting the original data grid? I want to find a way to do this without having to recreate the second data grid from scratch, because there are only minor changes and it would be quite time-consuming to say the least...

I found the following link, but it does not really explain what I am looking for:


- Boo

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