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Wed Aug 31 05:17:50 EDT 2011

Great idea Colin. I'd be happy to get involved, though my knowledge of tools is limited to the (ab)use of various COTS (commodity, off the shelf) tools to support techniques in the 'pre-BA' space - before one lifts the hood for development. However, if anyone is interested in upstream tasks such as process and requirements capture - or the basics of product and proposition management, product marketing, etc - maybe I can chip-in some ideas I have picked up along the way.

Coincidentally, talking of complementary tools, does anyone have a view on the current version of Keynotopia for Keynote/PowerPoint/impress as an alternative prototyping / wire-framing tool to the likes of Balsamiq? I tend to use Curio for initial designs and software specifications but MacZot is doing a $49 bundle offer for the complete set of libraries. I wonder whether this offers anything over and above researching and collecting a personal set of image files?


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On 31 Aug 2011, at 05:03, Colin Holgate <coiin at> wrote:

> At the Live LiveCode meetings we don't always have a presenter, and it's a shame to miss a week here or there, so I've suggested doing some meetings on "other tools". That is, other authoring tools that a client might ask you if you know about, or they may ask you whether that other tool might be better than LiveCode for a given job.

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