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I happen to agree. 

As a newbie to Live Code, I am not really
qualified to lecture on it, but as a graphic, video and audio
professional, I am fully qualified to talk about anything in those

I do own Franklin 3D and do have many 3D animation and
modelling programs, so I could be of help there. However, I am new to
Franklin, which is, from what I understand, the Irrlicht 3D engine. 

I owned Franklin Audio, I could certainly lecture on that. Any way to
get an NFR of that? 

Count me in for lectures on tools like
Photoshop/Serif/Gimp and other photo tools, Vegas Pro, Premiere and
other video editing programs, Sonar, Studio Pro and other DAW's and
Sound Forge, Gold Wave and other audio editing applications. 

I am also
a well versed website programmer and can help talk about how Live Code
could be very useful as a website tool. 


On Wed, 31 Aug 2011
00:03:03 -0400, Colin Holgate wrote: 

> At the Live LiveCode meetings
we don't always have a presenter, and it's a shame to miss a week here
or there, so I've suggested doing some meetings on "other tools". That
is, other authoring tools that a client might ask you if you know about,
or they may ask you whether that other tool might be better than
LiveCode for a given job.
> There are a lot of jobs where LiveCode is
the best tool to use, but if you tell a client that some other tool
isn't suitable for a reason that it turns out isn't correct, your client
may think less of you, especially if it was a trick question, and they
know that the other tool can do that feature!
> So, there are at
least three reasons to look at other tools:
> 1. You can speak more
knowledgeably about why LiveCode is better for a given job.
> 2. Perhaps
you'll like the other tool enough to take on more work when nobody is
asking for things to be done in LiveCode.
> 3. Those other tools are
neat in their own way.
> I'm only thinking there would be one of
these every month or so, or if we get stuck for a LiveCode related
presentation, and the meeting would be a mixture of looking at the
strong points of the other tool, seeing how that tool might go about
reproducing some of LiveCode strong points, and how LiveCode might go
about doing the other tool's strong points.
> I can show a few of
these tools, but it would be good to have someone else to present on how
LiveCode might reproduce some of the features in the other tools.
We may well try this next Saturday, unless there's a sudden rush of
presenters on LiveCode topics. The first tool we would look at is Unity,
which is often used for 3D games, on desktop and mobile (as well as
consoles). It can be used for other simulations too, and even 2D
> For the LiveCode counterpart to this I was hoping someone
could show Franklin in action. I emailed Lynn, but he hasn't replied
> Other tools we would look at would include Flash, Director,
and RealBASIC (though I don't really know much about that one).
Does this all sound of interest?
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