Open Externals for Livecode

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at
Tue Aug 30 19:22:34 EDT 2011

Hello everyone,

There has always been a lot of discussion around open externals and as such
I would like to put the first (I think ) step forward.

I would like to make the following contribution.

*The following is complete and available now* - external binaries and source
code for supporting libssh library  (

Livecode Linux external
Livecode Windows external
Source code for Livecode libssh externals
A few example stacks.

What I need help with is someone that is willing to:
- host the files for other Livecode developers
- compile an external for Apple (source files are all included but need
someone to compile them) and make it available with the other files

It is my hope that everyone will benefit from this and perhaps start (on
Not) something in the way of external development.

I do not have the time / resources to support this but everything is pretty
well complete and I will try to help as things progress (I hope to have
several more example stacks and documentation for this effort in the
future). Also more error trapping though I am certain there are a few on
this list that have greater experience and can do better sample stacks than
I. Look at the sample stacks and then libssh module documentation...

If things work well, others on the list will be able to take this to a much
further effort than what I can.

Please let me know if you can help and* I will email the bundle to the first
people wishing to host the externals* and it can propagate from there.

Briefly, here are the features

    •    Client and server support
    •    Supports asynchronous connections
    •    Supports SFTP, SCP and OpenSSH Extensions
    •    Thread safety when using different sessions at same time
    •    Supports Linux, UNIX, BSD, Solaris, OS/2 and Windows
    •    Full API documentation and a tutorial
    •    SSH2 and SSH1 protocol support
    •    Based on poll(2), WSAPoll() on Windows Vista+ or a
    •    Large file system support (files bigger than 4GB)
    •    Supports OpenSSL and GCrypt
    •    Support for AES-128, AES-192, AES-256, Blowfish, 3DES in CBC mode,
and AES in CTR mode
    •    POSIX-like SFTP (Secure File Transfer) implementation with openssh
extension support
    •    RSA and DSS server public key supported
    •    SSH agent authentication support
    •    ZLIB Compression support



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