Strange menu TAG problem OS X

Klaus on-rev klaus at
Tue Aug 30 08:14:18 EDT 2011

Hi friends,

toady I encounteed a very strange problem with my help menu  on OSX
LC 4.6.3, OS X Lion

The content of the menu, the "labels" are correctly generated "on the fly" 
according to the current OS language:
> Hilfe/H|help
> -
> Registrieren.../|register
> -
> Nach Updates suchen.../|search4update
> -
> Über/|about

Script as usual:
> on menuPick pItemName
>   switch pItemName
>      case "search4update"
>        ## Stuff...
>         break 
>      case "register"
>         ## more stuff here
>         break
>      case "help"
>         ## help stuff
>         break
>      case "about"
>         go stack "about"
>         break
>   end switch
> end menuPick

The "about" stack was added today by me, but picking the menu
"about" did not work!? No stack "about"!?

All other menuitems work as exspected.

Debugging showed me that the "pItemName" was NOT "about" as exspected
but "Über"???, so the stack did not show until I added this:
case "about"
case "über"

What gives? It should be "about" in any case, right?
That's what these new menu "tags" are made for!

Do I need to catch AppleEvents for the "App menu" stuff?

Any hints very appreciated.



Klaus Major
klaus at

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