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Mon Aug 29 00:02:45 EDT 2011

On 8/28/11 9:17 PM, Admin wrote:

> Your best bet is still 44.1k 16 bit wave file or you can try
> mp2 44.8k 16 bit dvd resolution files
> I will see what works on my
> android devices tonight.

Thanks Mike. I've worked my way through all the encodings in SOX and 
none work. Some of the conversions produce a faint click. Mostly they 
don't play at all. I tried copying the waveform in Audacity, pasting it 
into a new file, and saving that with the same settings as the 3 that do 
work but that failed too. I also tried the two suggestions you made above.

Each of these 2 audio clips is about a half second long. I have just 
spent all day trying to get them to play. Whatever is wrong seems to be 
confined to these 2 files because I was able to get the other 3 to work 
with some effort. This should have been a couple minutes work.

All my conversions run fine in the OS X Finder and in Audacity.

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