Sound formats on Android

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Sun Aug 28 22:17:11 EDT 2011


PCM/Wave is wave files 

Ogg Vorbis is .ogg - you could try that
one - very good mp3-like format. 

FLAC is another specialized
compressed format - I would not use this because not a lot of 3rd party
support for it. 

AAC is a sony format and is used with mp4 files 

is more specialized for Android and mobile devices following the 3gp

MP3 is a good format and i'll see if it works on my Android

Your best bet is still 44.1k 16 bit wave file or you can try
mp2 44.8k 16 bit dvd resolution files 

I will see what works on my
android devices tonight. 

I use Presonus Studio One pro, cakewalk
sonar, sony sound forge and vegas pro 10, gold wave editor and many
other sound editors, but I own a pro recording studio. 


On Sun,
28 Aug 2011 21:01:13 -0500, J. Landman Gay wrote: 

> On 8/28/11 7:57
PM, Admin wrote:
>> Try 44.1khz, 16 bit stereo wave files. Also try
aiff files of the same bit rate and hz. Download wavosaur - very good
editor and free.
> I don't see AIFF in the supported list. I've been
staring at this for a 
> couple of days: 
> I don't know what some of
it means, which is why I could use some 
> specific info about what to
choose in the editor. My sounds were 
> originally 44.1khz .au but only
one would play after I converted them. 
> That's when I started trying
to fix them.
> The list says mono is supported but sounds I've used
successfully in 
> other apps have all been stereo, I think. Maybe that



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