[OT] Mediocre Britain

Timothy Miller gandalf at doctorTimothyMiller.com
Sun Aug 28 19:55:25 EDT 2011

On Aug 28, 2011, at 12:31 PM, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> Frankly I don't really care about fairness that much; has life been "fair" to you, has it been "fair" to me? A silly question which has no real answer (probably because the word, 'fair', at its centre is almost semantically empty). I am a human being, who, as a human being, cares more about his kids than somebody else's. I am not going to pretend (as we, in Scotland, know full well how they pretend 'doun sooth') that I
> am a wishy-washy liberal who, by stretching his resources to be 'fair' helps no one at all.

I didn't say that you ought to be fair.

On the other hand, many voters, politicians, teachers, administrators and parents are very concerned about fairness. You might have trouble persuading them that they have it all wrong. While you're doing that, they will be trying to persuade you that you have it all wrong.

Have fun.


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