LC 4.6.3 Gotcha?

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Aug 28 18:03:21 EDT 2011

On 8/27/11 2:43 PM, Timothy Miller wrote:

> send "fooHandler" to stack "schedule" works. "fooHandler" finds its
> way through the hierarchy to the group.
> I know it works because I had to re-write my script that way to get
> it working again. The older version was just:
> go to stack "schedule" fooHandler
> Was the old version incorrect?

It couldn't have been or it wouldn't have worked. It's the normal way to 
use the message hierarchy.

> The older version worked for years, stopped working a few days ago.
> I'm trying to figure out why it stopped working.

Newer versions of the engine have been messing around with group message 
hierarchies. I've lost track because it's been changed several times. 
For a while, any group that was shared by two or more cards was 
automatically treated as a background. Recently that's changed so that 
groups can share cards without being a background. It gets complicated.

Just make sure your group has backgroundbehavior set and it should work 
the old way. You shouldn't need to "send" unless the group is a card 
group (sounds like it might be.)

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