[OT] Mediocre Britain

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Sun Aug 28 15:25:29 EDT 2011

After 20+ years in secondary school, don't even get me started. With you,
Richmond, 100%. Which is why I left.

Hugh Senior

Richmond Mathewson wrote:


doesn't frankly surprise me; after all "Being British" is all about dumbing
down things to the lowest common denominator; education, over-regulation
(after all, if 5% of the population are morons the government must screw
up everybody's life by regulating things to protect the morons from
themselves: maybe the morons should be told "you are morons, get off
your fat, supplementary-benefit-fed bottoms and start getting your
brains working).

I have just been looking at a series of letters written to my younger
son from his erstwhile school mates at his school in Fife, Scotland;
filled with basic spelling errors and grammar problems (these kids were
11 at the time); most of them being monoglot English speakers, a few
spoke Fife-Scots at home. My sons, who have  English and Bulgarian as
mother tongues, and are both fluent in German, don't make those sort of
spelling errors in any of their 3 dominant languages.

If sschool kids cannot spell in their school language how on earth can
one expect them to get their programming syntax right, let alone the odd
nested FOR . . . NEXT loop?

My younger son starts at Salem on the 10th; as the highest scholarship


I wonder why I'm not sending him to school in Britain?

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