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Scott Rossi scott at
Sat Aug 27 17:06:19 EDT 2011

Recently, Andrew Henshaw wrote:

> ...the steps that work for me under Snow Leopard and xCode 3.2.6 are...
> 1.  go to member center and go to the ios provisioning
> portal
> 2.  create an 'app id' for you app.  This must be all lower case,  no spaces
> and must match your internal app id
> 3.  go to the 'provisioning' tab on the side and then to the 'distribution'
> tab on the top and create a new profile for your app.
> 4.  download and install the certificate into xCode
> 5.  start run rev,  make sure the internal app id matches your you
> used,  and the correct provisioning profile is selected.
> 6.  compile
> 7.  go to the compiled app and right click it,  then compress it into a zip
> 8.  send the zip to Apple using the loader application.
> This works for me 95% of the time.   If it fails I usually go into iTunes,
> organizer window,  delete all the provisioning profiles then re-download them
> from the Apple member center and put them all back and that fixes the
> remaining 5%.

One other strategy to try is getting rid of ALL but the *one* profile you
need to build your app.  In the past, having an expired profile present
among your profiles could prevent the signing of an app, even if the profile
had nothing to do with your app.  Not sure if Apple has addressed this yet.

Hope this helps.


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